MMR Catch-up

Many young people missed out on immunisations to protect them from measles, mumps and rubella immunisation as children. During 2020-21 there is a national catch-up campaign to ensure our community is protected against these diseases.


What are measles, mumps and rubella?

  • Measles is a very infectious virus. Before immunisation was introduced, nearly all children caught measles. Measles causes a rash, high fever, runny nose, cough and sore watery eyes. Severe cases can result in pneumonia, encephalitis (swelling in the brain), diarrhoea and rarely, death.
  • Mumps is caused by a virus and is spread through the air. Mumps causes fever, headache and swelling of the glands around the face. In males mumps can cause swelling of the testicles and in rare cases, infertility. Mumps can also cause meningitis and encephalitis (swelling in the brain).
  • Rubella is usually a mild, viral illness. It causes a rash, fever and swollen glands in children. It is extremely dangerous for pregnant women because it can cause deafness, blindness and brain damage in an unborn baby.


How do I get protected?

The best protection is two doses of the MMR vaccine which protects against measles, mumps and rubella. It works by causing the body to make antibodies that fight these diseases. If an immunised person comes into contact with any of these diseases, the antibodies in their blood will fight these viruses and help protect against being infected.

Two doses of MMR will protect 99% of people against measles and rubella, and around 85% of people from mumps. A small number of people who are immunised may still become ill. If that happens, they usually get a milder illness than people who have not been immunised.


How do I know if I’ve had two doses of MMR?

Check with your local doctor and/or your Plunket book (if you still have it!)

Most young people will have been given at least one dose of MMR in early childhood. However, changes to the Immunisation Schedule in 2001 and less effective reminder systems before 2005 mean that many teenagers and young adults have not had the two doses to be fully protected. If you have come from overseas, including the Pacific Islands, you may have had different vaccines that may not protect you against measles, mumps and rubella.

If you’re not sure whether you have had two doses of MMR, the Ministry of Health recommends you get vaccinated. There are no additional safety concerns with having extra doses.


How do I get the MMR vaccine?

MMR immunisation is FREE for anyone born after 1969

You can get the vaccine:


What if I’ve still got questions?

For more information:


Community pharmacies


Pharmacy name

Pharmacy address


Auckland Central

Chemist Warehouse Auckland - Lower Queen Street

1/155 Queen Street

09-941 4911


Life Pharmacy Commercial Bay

12/7 Queen Street

09-302 5010


Unichem 104 Queen Street Pharmacy

104 Queen Street

09-303 4253


Unichem 238 Queen Street Pharmacy

238 Queen Street

09-379 4362


Unichem Campus Pharmacy Auckland

2 Alfred Street

09-377 1991


Unichem Queen Street Pharmacy

280 Queen Street

09-375 1537


Unichem Wyndham Street Pharmacy

33 Wyndham Street

09-302 2564


Unichem Wynyard Pharmacy

58 Gaunt Street

09-302 0367


Unichem Birkenhead Pharmacy

Shop 28, Highbury Mall, 37 Mokoia Road

09-480 7418

Blockhouse Bay

Blockhouse Bay Pharmacy

524 Blockhouse Bay Road

09-627 9913

Browns Bay

Unichem Browns Bay Pharmacy

66 Clyde Road

09-478 7069


Unichem Ellerslie Pharmacy

125 Main Highway

09-579 5520

Glen Innes

Chemist Warehouse Glen Innes

133 Apirana Avenue

09-941 4909


Life Pharmacy Glenfield

Level 2, Glenfield Mall,  75 Bentley Avenue

09-444 6403


Auckland City Hospital Pharmacy

Auckland City Hospital, 2 Park Road

09-307 8997


Countdown Pharmacy Greenlane

326 Great South Road

09-523 0015

Grey Lynn

Countdown Pharmacy Ponsonby

1/4 Williamson Avenue

09-255 9789


Home Pharmacy

6/280 Richmond Road

09-281 2812


Unichem Grey Lynn Pharmacy

580 Great North Road

09-360 1159


Unichem Surrey Pharmacy

26 Surrey Crescent

09-376 5928


Unichem Helensville Pharmacy

50 Commercial Road

09-420 8861


Lincoln Mall Pharmacy

254 Lincoln Road

09-838 8576


Medi-Centre Pharmacy

131 Lincoln Road

09-838 8404


Unichem Hobsonville Pharmacy

7/124 Hobsonville Road

09-416 8277


Unichem Kelston Medical Pharmacy

8A Archibald Road

09-818 5345


Allen's Village Pharmacy

90A Main Road

09-412 8389


Royal Heights Pharmacy

138 Royal Road

09-833 9263


Unichem Massey Pharmacy

Unit D,  396 Don Buck Road

09-833 7239


Unichem Milford Pharmacy

174A Kitchener Road

09-489 4107

Mission Bay

Life Pharmacy Eastridge

215 Kepa Road

09-528 6062


Unichem Mission Bay Pharmacy

3 Patteson Avenue

09-521 0880

Mount Albert

Chemist Warehouse St Lukes

9/1 Wagener Place

09-941 4901


Life Pharmacy St Lukes

Shop 524; Westfield St Lukes,  80 St Lukes Road

09-846 3213

Mount Eden

Balmoral Pharmacy

Shop 3,  611 Dominion Road

09-630 0366


Countdown Pharmacy Mt Eden

118 Valley Road

09-255 9785


Pharmacy 455

455 Mount Eden Road

09-630 1341

Mount Roskill

Countdown Pharmacy Lynfield

570 Hillsborough Road

09-626 0632


Countdown Pharmacy Mt Roskill

112 Stoddard Road

09-629 6374


Unichem Richardson Road Pharmacy

445 Richardson Road

09-627 5912


Unichem Roskill Village Pharmacy

1490 Dominion Road Extension

09-620 8599

Mount Wellington

Life Pharmacy Sylvia Park

N049, Sylvia Park Mall, 286 Mount Wellington Highway

09-573 1232


Unichem Neill's Pharmacy

Countdown Shopping Centre,  193 Mount Wellington Highway

09-527 7514

New Lynn

New Lynn West Pharmacy

84A Titirangi Road

09-827 2185


Unichem New Lynn Pharmacy

19 Delta Avenue

09-827 0850


Chemist Warehouse Westfield Newmarket

309 Broadway

09-941 4910


Unichem Northcote Pharmacy

1 Pearn Place

09-480 8164


Northcross Pharmacy

855 East Coast Road

09-478 5234


Unichem Onehunga Centre Pharmacy

73 Church Street

09-634 6744


Unichem Onehunga Mainstreet Pharmacy

227 Onehunga Mall

09-636 6288


Life Pharmacy Orewa

8D Tamariki Avenue

09-426 4087

Orewa 0931

Unichem Hickeys Pharmacy

16A Moana Avenue

09-426 5659


Unichem Panmure Pharmacy

74 Queens Road

09-527 7719


Unichem Ponsonby Pharmacy

1/283 Ponsonby Road

09-376 2460


Life Pharmacy Remuera

320 Remuera Road

09-524 5433


Unichem Lunn Ave Pharmacy

Unit 2,  110 Lunn Avenue

09-570 5820


Healthcare Pharmacy Rosedale

17/94 Rosedale Road

09-948 4850

Royal Oak

Royal Oak Pharmacy

703A Manukau Road

09-625 7422


Unichem Royal Oak Pharmacy

13/691 Manukau Road

09-624 3024


Unichem Walls and Roche Pharmacy

792 Manukau Road

09-625 7488

Saint Johns

Life Pharmacy Meadowbank

2/35 St Johns Road

09-528 4608

St Heliers

Life Pharmacy St Heliers

23 St Heliers Bay Road

09-575 6699


St Heliers Pharmacy

12 Polygon Road



Unichem Sunnynook Pharmacy

4/106 Sunnynook Road

09-410 4248


Shorecare Pharmacy

Shop 8 Smales Farm,  74 Taharoto Road

09-488 0880

Te Atatu Peninsula

Unichem Peninsula Pharmacy

556 Te Atatu Road

09-834 6303

Te Atatu South

Unichem All Seasons Pharmacy

288 Te Atatu Road

09-834 3067


Titirangi Pharmacy

408 Titirangi Road

09-817 7658


Unichem Golf Road Pharmacy

174 Golf Road

09-817 7053

Wairau Valley

Unichem Northern Clinic Pharmacy

Southern Cross Hospital, Entry A,  212 Wairau Road

09-442 5727


Life Pharmacy Franklins

48 Queen Street

09-425 8014

West Harbour

West Harbour Pharmacy

Shop 6,  45 Luckens Road

09-416 1703


Westgate Pharmacy

Westgate Shopping Centre,  13F Maki Street

09-831 0256


Westmere Pharmacy

170 Garnet Road

09-378 6027

Whangaparaoa - Manly

Unichem Manly Pharmacy

53B Rawhiti Road

09-424 7708

Whangaparaoa - Stanmore Bay

Life Pharmacy Whangapaeraoa

The Plaza,  10/719 Whangaparaoa Road

09-424 7890

Last updated 19.8.2020

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