Calculating how long to stay in quarantine

If you have been asked to stay home in quarantine, this is to prevent you from spreading the measles virus to others if you are developing the disease. People are infectious before they become unwell.

Please stay home away from others. Do not go to work, school, preschool, group or social activities, sports, or public places like movie theatres, shopping malls, supermarkets, other food markets and cafes. Do not use public transport or visit friends or family. Avoid being in the same room as people who are not immune to measles.

To work out your quarantine period, use the quarantine calculator below.


Firstly, work out the infectious period of the person with measles.

To do this:

  1. Write down the date their rash appeared. This is day 0.
  2. Count back 4 days before their rash date: this is the start of their infectious period
  3. Count forward 4 days from their rash date: this is the end of their infectious period

Next, write down the dates that you saw the person during their infectious period. Enter the first and last dates into the calculator on the right.  

Quarantine is ONLY for people who have been near someone with confirmed measles, and who cannot prove that they are immune*.

*You are immune if you:

  • Were born before 1 January 1969
  • Have had measles before
  • Have had two doses of the MMR vaccination, after the age of 12 months old
  • Have had a blood test which shows you are immune

Because you were in first contact , and your last contact was ,

You should remain in quarantine from -

You can return to normal activities the
next day if you are still well.

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