Smokefree environments

Smoking tobacco causes harm to individuals, families and communities.

Māori are disproportionately affected by smoking with Māori women having the highest smoking rates in the country.

National Public Health Service (NPHS) - Northern Region aims to prevent further harm from tobacco by promoting social, physical and environmental strategies to protect the public.

NPHS - Northern Region is working towards the goal of having more communal public places that are smokefree and halving the number of places to buy tobacco in Auckland. We are doing this through health promotion and regulatory interventions.

We have designated Smokefree Enforcement Officers who monitor and enforce the Smokefree Environments Act 1990.

Our staff work with other agencies to promote effective legislation, policy and enforcement, using research and evidence to make the case for change.

If you wish to make a complaint about a possible breach of the Smoke-free Environments Act 1990, please contact one of our smokefree officers on (09) 623 4600 ext. 27272.


Phone: 0508 TOKIRAU (0508 8654 728)




Auckland & Waitematā

Ready Steady Quit is a face-to-face service free to people who have decided to stop smoking.

Phone: 0800 500 601




The Fono is a Pacific Stop Smoking Service that is free, culturally safe, and confidential.

Phone: 0800 FONO4U (366 648)



Counties Manukau

Living Smokefree works in partnership with community quit smoking services across the district to ensure people are offered multiple free, convenient and culturally appropriate options for ongoing support.

Phone: 0800 569 568




SouthSeas Healthcare is a Pacific Stop Smoking Service for people within the South Auckland area.

Phone: 09 273 9017




For Smokefree services outside the Northern region visit Smokefree.



Our strategic objectives include:

  • Reducing tobacco-related health inequities

  • Building and maintaining stakeholder relationships which collaborate on shared goals

  • Supporting key types of areas that public use to be Smokefree in policy and practice

  • Championing stronger regulatory mechanisms to limit tobacco supply in Tamaki Makaurau

  • Collecting and analysing data to inform and monitor our strategic direction.

What we investigate?

NPHS - Northern Region Smokefree Officers investigate complaints in relation to the following matters:

  • Smoking in workplaces
  • Smoking in all hospitality venues and certain public places
  • Smoking in schools and early childhood centres
  • The sale of toy tobacco products
  • The sale and supply of tobacco products and herbal products to young adults
  • The retail display of tobacco products
  • The advertising of tobacco products.

If you wish to make a complaint about a possible breach of the Smoke-free Environments Act 1990, please contact one of our smokefree officers on (09) 623 4600 ext. 27272.


How we investigate

The minimum information required for an investigation to proceed is:

  • Name and address of retailer/premises/workplace
  • Date and time of incident
  • Whether the complainant actually saw the breach
  • A brief description of incident
  • Whether any photographic or video footage of the incident was taken
  • Whether the complainant is willing to state the organisation they work for. Does the complainant wish to remain anonymous; if so, there will be no further contact from NPHS - Northern Region smokefree officers
  • Should the complainant wish to give us their contact details, they may be required to attend a court hearing at a future date should the complaint lead to a prosecution under the smoke-free Environments Act 1990.

The best thing you can do for your health is be smoke-free and vape free. Vaping:

  • is not for children or young people.
  • is not for non-smokers.
  • is not harmless but it is much less harmful than smoking.
  • can help some people quit smoking.

For more information visit Vaping Facts.


Sales of vaping products

It is currently illegal for anyone to sell vaping products to under 18s, whether online or in person.

Only specialist vape retailers (those who sell over 70% vaping products) are able to sell vape flavours beyond tobacco, menthol and mint. These should not be sold at general retailers such as dairies or service stations.

Vaping is currently not allowed:

  • on public transport
  • inside workplaces
  • around schools or early childhood centres

Any publically visible vaping advertisement is prohibited in New Zealand, beyond a simple sign advising regulated products are available. This includes international advertisements targeted at Kiwis as well as online advertisements.

We regularly undertake ‘controlled purchase operations’ on premises that sell tobacco products. Controlled purchase operations involve volunteers under the age of 18 years who, within a safe environment, attempt to purchase tobacco products. We use this as a way to educate and teach tobacco retailers on the importance of asking for and checking identification of anyone purchasing tobacco.

Nearly 85% of New Zealanders are smokefree – that means most of us are choosing not to smoke. The New Zealand Government has set a goal so that by 2025 fewer than 5% of New Zealanders will be smokers.

Smokefree 2025 will be achieved by:

  • Protecting children from exposure to tobacco marketing and promotion
  • Reducing the supply of, and demand for, tobacco
  • Providing the best possible support for quitting.

 NPHS - Northern Region is aligned with the Government's Smokefree 2025 goal for New Zealand. 



For support to stop smoking


Information for professionals


For communities

Last updated 12.3.2024

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