Air transport certificates: information for funeral directors

An air transport certificate is needed when transporting human remains (except cremated remains) overseas. This certifies:

  • the repatriation of the person’s remains will not risk passing on infectious diseases to others
  • the remains have been appropriately embalmed, and
  • the casket has been appropriately sealed.

Air transport certificates are granted by public health. An air transport certificate is not required for transporting cremated remains, but you should check what restrictions may be required by the transporting airline.

To apply for an air transport certificate for Auckland Airport please send all required documentation listed below (including proof of payment) to

To apply for an air transport certificate you need to send the following documents:


  1. Proof of payment to National Public Health Service - Northern Region for the minimum certification fee ($48 incl. GST)

You can either provide a copy of an online bank statement or a screenshot of your payment confirmation page.


  1. Death certificate for the deceased


  1. Doctor or pathologist statement, confirming the person did not die from (or with) an infectious or communicable disease* or alternatively a medical certificate of cause of death

*if they did die from (or with) an infectious or communicable disease, the doctor or pathologist statement should record what their diagnosis was


  1. Consigning funeral director summary statement (on company letterhead)

This summary statement should:

  • Confirm the container encloses only the body of the deceased person and necessary packaging
  • Confirm the body has been embalmed to New Zealand or US / international transportation requirements
  • Confirm the body has been placed inside a hermetically sealed container with either:
    • a lining of lead or zinc, hermetically sealed as soon as the body is deposited therein
    • heavy polythene sheeting with a minimum thickness of 0.254mm (0.010 inches), with all excess air removed and both ends sealed with double welds
  • Provide an overview on the method of embalming used
  • Include the consignee’s full name, contact details and address (preferably the funeral director)
  • Confirm the country where the deceased will be sent
  • Confirm all documentation listed above will be affixed (alongside name and address of the consignee and consignment details e.g. bill of landing, airway bill number, destination and flight number) to the top of the:
    • Hermetically sealed container
    • Casket or shipping container
    • Cardboard outer wrapping
  • The fee for an air transport certificate is $48 (including GST).
  • This should be paid to National Public Health Service - Northern Region via bank transfer.
  • The account number for payment is: 02-0500-0416029-00.
  • Please include your company name in the reference.

If additional administration is required to process your application you may be charged additional processing fees. These will be discussed with you and the charge will be $96.00 per hour (including GST).

Following submission of your documentation and proof of payment it usually takes one working day for a certificate to be approved.

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