Resources for workplaces and organisations, education settings, and apartments

If a COVID-19 case visits or attends your workplace, business or institution you will need to take action to reduce the risk of COVID-19. You may also be listed as a Location of Interest on the Ministry of Health website.

Guidance for workplaces, businesses and voluntary organisations

Guidance for education settings

Guidance for residents & body corporates


Workplaces, businesses and voluntary organisations

If a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 was on your premises while infectious, you’ll need to take action to reduce the risk of others getting COVID-19.

  • You'll need to help contact tracers identify and contact those on your premises as they may be at risk of developing COVID-19.
  • Any close contacts of the case will need to get tested and stay home. 
  • You may need to notify others at your work or in your organisation of the exposure event, even if they are not close contacts. This is so they know to watch for symptoms of COVID-19, and get tested and stay home if any develop.
  • If you have unknown individuals on your site, or people you cannot contact, your premises may also be listed as a Location of Interest by the Ministry of Health.

Guidance for workplaces and organisations at different alert levels is available below. Auckland is currently in the Orange alert level of the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

Download: Red alert level - guidance for workplaces & organisations  (PDF)

Download: Orange alert level - guidance for workplaces & organisations (PDF)

Download: COVID-19 safety plan for places of worship (PDF)


Early learning settings, schools and tertiary settings

If there was a confirmed or probable case linked with your school or early learning service, you will be informed by your local Ministry of Education office.

Ministry of Education staff will then work with you to agree a plan. That will happen quickly, and you will be provided with assistance to help you communicate with and support your staff and parent community. More information is available from the Ministry of Education.

If you become aware of a case associated with your school or early learning service, please contact your regional Ministry of Education office.

Resources for schools and kura Resources for early learning services and kōhanga reo

Guide to contact tracing for schools in Auckland (PDF)

National toolkit for primary and intermediate schools (PDF)

National toolkit for secondary schools and kura (PDF)

Contact tracing spreadsheet (xls)

Guide to contact tracing for Auckland Early Learning Services (PDF)

National toolkit for early learning services and kōhanga reo (PDF)

Contact tracing spreadsheet (xls)


Guidance for isolating in apartments


If someone receives a positive COVID-19 result they are required to isolate until they are no longer infectious and are cleared to leave isolation. They may isolate in their residence if they are able to do so safely.

The person may also be admitted to hospital if they are very sick, or to a dedicated facility if it’s not safe for them to isolate at home. 

The Ministry of Health has produced guidance for residents and body corporate committees on how to:

  • prepare for residents isolating at home
  • reduce the risk of COVID-19 on your premises
  • help ensure individuals with COVID-19 isolate at home safely

Ministry of Health guidance on isolating in apartments

Last updated 5.1.2022

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