Second case of COVID-19 in Auckland

A second person has been confirmed with COVID-19 and is isolated at home in Auckland, along with family members.

Flight details

The person, a New Zealand citizen, had recently returned from Northern Italy, via Singapore, and sought medical attention after arriving back in New Zealand.

Flight on 25 February - NZ0283 Singapore to Auckland 

People who sat in rows 6, 23, 24 and 25 are considered close contacts and will be required to go into isolation for 14 days from the time of the flight. Auckland Regional Public Health Service is getting in touch with these passengers, but they can also ring ARPHS on 09 623 4600.

Advice on self-isolation and a fact sheet for close contacts are available on this website, below. Public Health staff will check these passengers regularly for symptoms such as fever, cough and difficulty breathing.

Passengers elsewhere on this flight

Everyone else on board the international flight are at much lower risk of developing COVID-19, but they should keep an eye out for symptoms; fever, cough and difficulty breathing.

However, it’s important to remember that these symptoms are similar to a range of other illnesses, like influenza (’flu). Having them does not necessarily mean you have COVID-19.  

If passengers do become unwell, they should phone the dedicated Healthline COVID-19 number: 0800 358 5453, and tell the staff they may have been exposed on this flight.

Airport staff who processed this flight

Airport staff are not considered at risk from this case. Please check our resources here or call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 or see the Auckland Regional Public Health Service COVID-19 page

Domestic flights

The person also travelled on return domestic flights within New Zealand before knowing they had COVID-19, as follows:

2 March - NZ5103 Auckland to Palmerston North 
2 March - NZ8114 Palmerston North to Auckland 

Auckland Regional Public Health Service is confirming which rows are close to the person confirmed with COVID-19, and will be contacting any passengers who are considered close contacts in the next day or so.

Contacts of the second person with COVID-19

All the close contacts of the second person with COVID-19 such as household members have been asked to go into isolation.

The person attended two medical centres in Auckland and Auckland Public Regional Public Health Service is working with the practices to alert any patients who were in the waiting room at the same time as the person later diagnosed with COVID-19.

We are communicating with any close work or social contacts of the case as they may need to stay at home as well.

Students at two Auckland schools

The two children in the household are well and do not have symptoms. They did not travel to Northern Italy, and were not infectious while at school. They are now in isolation as a precaution and are being monitored.

There is no risk to students and staff at the two Auckland schools as a result of this case.

Any students or adults who have been close to these students – face to face or at a distance – are NOT at risk from the students as they were not infectious.

Others in the broader community

ARPHS has assessed the risk to the broader community on the North Shore and identified it as low, except for close contacts in the household, at work and seated nearby on the flights.

If you would like more information on COVID-19, please check our resources here on this site, visit the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 page, or free phone Healthline’s dedicated COVID-19 line: 0800 358 5453.


For health advice call Healthline for free anytime on 0800 611 116
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